Monday, May 28, 2007

I Had Been Tagged!!! My 1st Tag!

woohoo!!! i had been tagged! my 1st tag came from Precious!

The rules are: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs/other cuties that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs/other cuties to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a message that they have been tagged and to read your blog!!!

cool bananas! i tot nong n hard all afternoon n came up with the 7 pawsome facts! here goes!

1) i dared not go up n down the stairs till i was 7 mths old

2) i like to sneak out thru the gate n explore the neighbours' slippers

3) i'm not afraid of the dark as i've been sleeping alone since the day Jiejie brot me home

4) i like to jump up n nip Jiejie's bum bum *evil grin*

5) i've been reading DWB blogs faithfully for the past 3 mths, n begged Jiejie to let me have my very own blog

6) i think both Scruffy n Jose the Cairn Terrors, oops, i meant Terriers, r cute!!!

7) i like to jump onto Jiejie's lap to listurb her whenever she's on her lappie, to remind her dat it's my turn to use the lappie.

there, i did it!
keke... now it's my turn to tag 7 other doggies. i'll of cos tag Scruffy n Jose, Waverly (& Daisy), Scrabby, Maggie Rose, Sweety n Ume-tyan!

How I Decorated My Pee Mat

Jiejie would keep me in my playpen when she's at work.
What do I usu do when Jiejie is at work? i've been busy too...

n this is where i pee/poo...

i tot the pee mat looks a weetle boring like this, so i gave it some designs.

Like this...

And like this!

do u like my designs? kekekeke...

Ohh! n btw, i had been tag tagged! i had been tag tagged by Precious! wow! i nvr tot dat i wld be tag tagged too! i'm so excited!
i had been tagged to post 7 pawsome facts about myself. okie! i wld go crack my blain now, n hopefully i can post them tonite!

Busy Busy Weekend

I had a busy busy weekend! Jiejie brot me out on sat & sun!
so be warned! it will be a nong nong post ahead n pix galore!

>>>>>>>>>> Sat, May 26th <<<<<<<<<<

It's a sporty Sat afternoon... not for me, but for Gorgor.
His frens arranged to mit at this enclosed area near our home to chase after a big ball. i dun understand... y muz so many of them chase after 1 ball? i dun mind lending them mine...

Just arrived at the enclosed area (EC: street soccer court)
Trying to figure out y they were chasing after 1 ball...

Gorgor in action

Quiet Spectator... (EC: when she wasnt attempting to disturb the guys resting)

Tot I would give Gorgor a massage during his break

For my efforts to massage Gorgor, Jiejie rewarded me with her 1st attempt at scrambled egg.
tho i weeli dun think it looked like scrambled egg, but i shan't hurt her feelings n finished the dinner like the good doggie i am.

>>>>>>>>>> Sun, May 27th <<<<<<<<<<
Another early morn outing to the beach! Wasn't it a bright sunny Sun morn?
Moi waiting as Jiejie went thru her sunblock routine...

Here's Jiejie attempting to coax me into the water... Jie said i looked esp stubborn in this pic.
there aint any pix of me in the water, cos Jie was afraid dat her camera phone would drown in the water; but she aint afraid dat i wld drown... hmmmph!!!
finally! the schwim was over! i could sit in the shade n dry myself out.
Back home - Post shower
my grumpy face after the blowdry
Jie, can i go down NOW?

I refused to smile for the camera, despite Jiejie's efforts to coax me with compliments. "Sooooo cuuuuuuuteeee!"

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hot Spot???

Haven't been dlogging for sometime... cos i was sick...
the Maid found a bald patch on the left side of my face a week back, n showed it to Jiejie. Jiejie swore it oni appeared overnight, n immed put on the ugly e-collar on me.

C my sad face?

Jiejie immediately brought me to my usual vet. he scanned me with this light thingy (EC: a Woods Lamp), n claimed dat i was having ringworm. he showed Jie the white spots on the bald patch, n since it's a circular bald patch, it's probably ringworm. hmmm... circular = ring = ringworm?

the vet insisted dat the bald patch didnt appear overnight, more likely, my hair didnt grow due to the ringworm. hey doctor, my Jiejie sees me everyday... u think she wouldn't notice dat bald patch if it had been there all this time???

he wanted Jie to leave me at the clinic for 7 days to undergo treatment. he said they wld shave me down again n scrub my skin very hard with medication to get rid of the ringworm. n once my skin bleeds, it means the ringworm r removed. Jie was horrified! i dun wanna stay in the clinic!!! n i climbed into Jie's arms.

he then gave me a jab to ease the itch, n asked Jie to consider his request to ward me at the clinic. Jie tot long n hard... she was v worried, n i saw her crying while hugging me.

finally, she decided dat she cldnt bear to leave me at the clinic alone, n decided to bring me to another vet.

Jie brot me to another vet the next day... this clinic is nearer to home.

n the vet was a lady doctor... she was specific in her questions n gave detailed explanations on the steps to cure my skin problems.

n the lady vet said my bald patch is more likely to be hot spot than ringworm; n may be caused by trauma due to my other skin infections. hmmm... trauma?

she oso did a skin scrape test for me... n Jiejie looked thru this funny-looking machine, n she saw creatures resembling baby coachroaches. what??? there're coachroaches on my skin??? cruuuuusssh them!!! (EC: i was showed the mites residing on her skin under the microscope, n they do resemble nymphs)

i was given oral medication & a powder-form supplement dats supposed to boost my immunity.

at least 1 good thing came out of this! Jiejie decided to introduce home-cooked food (HCF) into my diet. she tried feeding me fish, carrots n rice, but i finished the fish n carrots, n left the rice untouched. then she decided to mix the fish & carrots with Addiction wet food, n i gobbled up everythg!

n Jie discovered dat i luv carrots, cos i oways pick out the carrots 1st. hmmm... maybe i was a bunny in my previous life?

kekekeke... but after a few meals of semi-HCF, i started to pick out only the HCF. i'm no longer the chin-chye eater i used to be. n Jie glares at me during every meal when i'm picking out only HCF, n leaving only the Addiction. this drives her crazy, cos she mixes my medication into the Addiction wet food. sorwee Jie, u have to try harder from now on...

One of my HCF dinners!

Before and After pix of my bald patch (the Maid calls me Botak now; whatever dat means...)

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Offered My Help!

Small Gorgor (Gorgor's younger hooman brother) wrote Gorgor a note n left it outside his room door. Since Gorgor was still in his room, i decided to do him a favour, n read the note for him.

ohhh... Small Gorgor no school today, no wonder could zzz late late. zzz with the cold air on... (EC: she meant the aircon) y i dun get to zzz with the cold air?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jiejie In Very Good Mood Again!

Look at what Jiejie bot me last nite!!! More goodies n toys!

Do you see the donut at the bottom right corner? well recently, there's this ongoing fad with donuts, whereby many many hoomans form nong nong queues to buy. so Jie tot i should join in the novelty as well! so she got me this toy donut, in choc chips flavour! kekeke...
she's not giving it to me yet, but i noe she hid it in the hall cabinet.
she gave me the bright green rubber thingy tho. she said it's a Dinocuz! juz wondering... where did the head go? Jie, did u hide the head together with the donut? c'mon, 'fess up!

here's a video of moi with Mr Headless Dinocuz. but pls pardon Jie's Blaire Witch style of videography. she's not so artistic in this aspect...

Monday, May 7, 2007

My First Grooming!

wahhhhh! Jiejie woke up soooo early on a Sunday morning! wonder what's the big occasion? the moment she stepped out of her room, she started to fill up my water-bottle. dat could oni mean 1 thing! we're going gai-gai! WOOHOOOOOO!!!
i started to prance around her legs as she went abt to pack. i was so excited! couldn't wait to get out of the house!

finally, we're there! the familiar scent of the sand... n other doggies! n oh no... the water!
i sat on the bench patiently, as Jie slowly smathered herself with sunblock. she got sunburnt during the last trip! kekekeke....

alas! she's done! i could go for my walkie... BUT! BUT! she pulled me to the water instead! argh!
ok... to make her happy, i decided to test water, literally. i took a few steps into the water... Jie was v happy to c me walking into the water voluntarily. but a few steps were all i was willing to risk for, no more!

then came along 2 GR jiejies... they happily went into the water n swam. i wanna play with them too! n i jumped into water without thinking! n shucks! realised too late dat i was in the water! i quickly paddled back to shore. n silly Jie tot dat i'm finally getting the hang of swimming. sorwee Jie, it's not gonna happen anytime soon... but Jie was evil as usual, kept grabbing me n putting me back into the water!

sorweee folks... again, there ain't gonna be any pix, n u noe who's to be blamed for dat.
it's a pity, cos the 2 GR jiejies were v pwetty! esp when they swam together.
there was oso a surfer JRT. she went onto a surfer board n swam with her owner! how cool is dat?

after an hr or so... Jie dried me with dat pwetty towel of hers. cos u noe y? my sotong Jie forgot to pack in MY towel!

i tot we're going home... but Gorgor dropped us off at an unfamiliar place. hmmm... wassup???
Jie said i was going for grooming. grooming? wats dat?

moments later, the shop pple arrived, with 2 cockers! wow! pwetty cockers jiejies with pwetty names: Bree & Chocolate!

then one of their hoomans carried me up n put me into a big tub. ok... this felt familiar, i dun think i would like this thg called grooming...

argh! this hooman, Constance Jiejie, gave me a shower n blow-dried me. not only dat, she cut my nails n was doing something to my hair at my *ahem* privates with this weird-looking thg. (EC: Constance was trimming her hair around her privates) Constance Jie asked me y was i so tensed? er... think if u have someone messing about your privates, u would be tensed too! (EC: Ume, dun be rude!)
but for dat pwetty bandana u gave me, i'll overlook what u did, Constance Jiejie.

check out the v pwetty bandana!

Jie caught me zzz-ing like this... hmmm... maybe i was dreaming of Constance Jiejie trimming my privates...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm 8 mths old!!!

More Pix Of Moi!!!

Cheeky Face!

Do I Look Like A Mini GSD?

Jie said this one looks like a glamour shot... (EC: ahem! it was actually shot against the kitchen bench)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Kuku Jiejie!

Kuku Jiejie did it again!
smtimes, i weeli dunno wat to say abt this hooman...

last sunday, Jie & Gor brot moi to tis place where there're many many dogs. (EC: the SKC 158th/159th Championship Dog Shows held at the Expo Hall 3A)
i met so many new frens there... esp a certain bull terrier. we kept bumping into each other thru'out our stay there... i think he liked n was stalking moi!

n y aint there any pix? ask my kuku Jiejie! as usu, she forgot to take any! Geez! (EC: yes yes... it's my fault. i made up by giving u dat greenie door gift from the show, didnt i?)