Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HaPPee HaLLoWeen!!!

Thank you all for the kind regards. after a dosage of the medication for gastric, i had stopped puking, n have been eating more. guess my appetite is better now, tho i still think dat Jiejie needs to be more creative with my meals.

Another belated post to thank
Princess Snowball & Snoopy Girl for giving me the As Sweet As Candied Apple award. TQ TQ Snowball & Snoopy!!!
hmmm... do i get to eat a real candied apple? sure look yummy!!!

n i would like to give this award to the pwetty Chiyo, bootiful mama Maggie Rose, and Seadra & Zoe!

i'm sori i missed out on the Halloween Barkday Pawty... i'm sure every doggin & hamsterrier had a great time! i'll be checking your blogs for your cool halloween outfits! meanwhile, HAPPEE TRICK & TREATING!!!

here r a few pix Jiejie took of me with her new camera-phone...

Fluffy after a brush


A moment of Doofuism...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snoopy & Goofy Luv My Blog!

Altho i haven't been blogging regularly, but Snoopy & Goofy awarded this to me!!! THANK YOU my sweet frens, for thinking of me, n spreading your luv to me! I LUV YOUR BLOG TOO!!!

And now i wanna spread my luv to Pippa the Spanish Casanova, Ms Sunshade the Vancouver Superdale, and to Luckie Girl the Opawration Surgeon!
n i wanna announce a bit of a good news here! i was at the vet's for a skin review last nite. n the result from the skin scrape showed dat there's no more bad bad mites on me! WOOHOO!!! but my skin is still very dry, n we now need to work on removing the dandruff.
here's me looking happee on the vet's table! (EC: but not when the vet was there... she kept wanting to climb into my arms.) it oso shows how bad a photographer my Jiejie is! (EC: u fidget too much!)

i've been puking bits of my dindin n yellow bile recently... the vet said it may be gastric. i havent been eating much of my dindin lately, so it explains y i looked skinny in the pic below. Jiejie suspects i'm going on a teenage hunger strike, n i do think i deserve better food! Addiction wet food mashed with veggies n steamed fish every meal... not exactly exciting. I Need More Variety In My Life!!! will somedog or hamsterrier pls knock some sense into my lazy hooman?
Sparky, I'll work on your tag soon i promise! Jiejie is trying to collect more pix of me, n i'm working at not cooperating with her! till she feeds me better food!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Prezzies from the Four Pugz!!!

HELLO all doggins & hamsterriers!
sorry for the lack of blogging recently... the hooman needs her bum bum nipped. her excuses of being busy... blah blah blah... *roll eyes*

i know i should have posted about this a fortnight ago... but *sigh* my Jiejie took the pix, n deleted them without downloading! n hoomans claim to be highly-intellectual animals... so i had to pose with the prezzies again.

oops! out-of-focus...

check out the fat & thick rawhides... can u c the mini burger & hotdog stuffies? ain't they cute? ya, apparently my Jiejie thinks they're so cute, she's not giving them to me. hey hooman! they're my prezzies, remember??? Thank u
Pugleys, Buster, Cricket & Daisy for the lovely prezzies!

during my absence from blogging, i've been honing my opawration skills. i think i'm getting the hang of it, Luckie. she's the pawfect role model of an opawration surgeon! ahhh... i c dat Mr Cow was her latest patient.
the hooman had tried to help by patching the part where i was making snow (oh! snow tastes pwetty good actually!) Bella, this is my stuffie of the moment! it allows me to make snow...

it became from this

to this!

with a little game of play-tug thrown in!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tag #7

vroom vroom!!! i've been tagged by Pippa, the Spanish Casanova who had again updated us on his girlfrenssss. Pippa, i look out for every post dedicated to your list of girlfrenssss... perhaps one day i would make the list too! sometimes i think i look like a mini GSD, what do u think?

but i digress... i've been tagged to post about the car i would be if i'm one. i think i would have been a MINI Cooper S Cabrio, in Metallica Dark Silver, no less. it may be compact, but it packs a punch. a head-turner on the road, sporty, feisty n with a bout of cuteness!
Amber, Precious, Sparky and Sweety, tell us what car u would be!

Jiejie brought me to the beach last sunday, after like a century. (EC: it's only been a month.) it was hot & sunny... played chase & wrassled with a Schnauzer named Holly (Jiejie was busy watching us n forgot to take pix). whilst drying off in the shade, Jiejie spotted this long string of kites... Marvin, i hope this pic doesn't bother u too much.

a bunch of lady hoomans kayaking...

then this hooman pup came over to say hi...

i think he's in luv with me... but i only had eyes for his Dad... i even snucked in a kissie on his skinhead *giggles*