Thursday, January 31, 2008


my hoomans finally moved their lazy bum bums to get some spring cleaning done before the Chinese Lunar New Year, which is just round the corner.

here's me supervising vigilantly... ready to nip any bum dats slacking off...

while they were clearing out the cabinet, my Jiejie found a pack of brand new booties she bought in Bangkok 1 year ago. as i posted earlier, i had been scratching myself silly, n getting sore bald patches on my body. Jiejie tot it would be a brilliant idea for me to wear the booties, so dat i can't scratch n hurt myself again. here are the pink booties...

ha! n here's how i felt about them! tho i must admit the pink is a pwetty contrast to my fur colour...

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is one belated post, n i thank the wonderful frens who had given these awards to me.
Thank U, Sweety, Pippa my Spanish boyfriend and Marquess Buster the Ingenious Puddleston St Droop for giving me the "You Make My Day" award. And Thank U Hammer for being my fren too!

i noe most doggins & hammies had gotten the awards by now... but i insist on giving them to a few of u, cos i reali appreciate your frenship.
i wanna give the You Make My Day award to Preston whom never fail to fascinate me with his intelligence n tricks, Deefor & Arrow whom never fail to make me smile, n Ms Sunshade the Superdale simply for being the Superdale.
And i wanna thank Amber, Amber Mae, Bella, GirlGirl, Jose & Bond, LacyLulu, Precious, Snoopy Girl, Sparky, Sweety, n of cos Ume-tyan For Being My Friend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Out Of M.I.A Days...

hello all doggins & hammies!!! how is everybody?

i've been m.i.a for over a mth! geez!!! one would think i went into hibernation or something... it was a busy period for Jiejie, n she was away for vacation, n DID NOT bring me along!
a few doggins n hamsterberian had dropped by my c-box to say hi. juz wanna say a BIG thank you to my dear DWB frens for not forgetting me, it's a heartwarming start to a brand new year!

n even more heart-warming is the "Operation Bring Beau Home". most doggins n hammies had already joined the Operation by
orders of S.C. Stormy of Ao4. i hope i'm not too late in doing my part. Pls help to spread the word n bring Beau home!

erm... Jiejie is still figuring out the helmet part. she isnt veri smart with the compooter...

i would oso like thank all my frens who had sent me Christmas cards, be it via snail mail or e-cards. my hoomans were amazed by the cards i received from different parts of the world.
n they received 0 card! HA!

Cards from my US frens...

Cards from my Aussie frens...

From my European & Mexican frens...
From my Asian frens...

n of cos, from my Singapaw frens!
Boy & Baby sent me a Christmoose prezzie! there's a slipper stuffie (Note to my hoomans: this doesnt mean it will divert my attention from your shoes) n a pkt of treats! i luv the stuffie! Thank U Thank U, Boy & Baby!!!

a closer look at the prezzies

n this was how i celebrated the new year... in a lampshade!
i wanted to show Jiejie how unhappy i was dat she went on a vacation w/o me, dat i scratched myself silly, n ended up with a sore bald patch on my left shoulder. she immediately brought me to the vet, n got me some cream to apply. the vet oso scraped my skin for a test, n found dat my evil mites condition had relapsed. *sigh* back to my daily meds...

BAH! i am so not looking into the camera! dun u think i've outgrown the lampshade???

juz when Jiejie tot the bald patch had healed, i got myself another. on the right shoulder this time... at least, i escaped the lampshade treatment.