Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dog Run

Jiejie brought me to the Dog Run last Saturday morning. contrary to the purpose of the place, i didnt do much running. i was juz hanging out, cozying up with both doggins n hoomans.

erm... i think i was the oni girl doggin? can u spot me?

within minutes of being there, i got myself all sandy n leafy. (EC: Dried leaves stuck to her like magnet!) chilling out in the shade...

ok dude, dats a little too friendly!

my new friend, Oscar the Boxer! he's one cool dude...

gonna snuggle up to some hoomans next!

hello hooman pup! u wanna dance?

the hooman pup's daddy...

more chilling out in the shade, with a little roaching thrown in... notice dat i like to cozy up with the bigger doggins? i think they're strong n can pawtect me!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Gift From Japan!

Some of u had asked about the weather here in Singapaw, when i posted on how to cool down when it gets hot. i guess most of u whom live across the ocean r starting to experience the winter... but here in Singapaw, the weather is kinda freaky. we've been getting rain more often, but temperatures dun go below 23C° (or 75F°). but when it doesn't rain, it can be really hot. n it can be bright & sunny a minute, n raining the next. we dun experience winter in Singapaw, as with most Southeast Asian countries, it's summer all year, with June & July being the hottest months!

last sat, i sent Jiejie to the post office to pick-up the parcel sent by my Japanese friend, ume-tyan!
i got Jiejie to open the parcel for me, as it was wrapped securely with masking tape. Jiejie had to wrestle with the parcel a little... finally she got it opened. look what's in there!

there was a paw-written card by ume-tyan.

look at what's inside the Trick or Treat Box! it's a Jack O' Lantern. i think i can smell something in there... hmmm... will it be a trick or treat?

it's a treat! or rather lotsa treats!!! stuffed inside the Jack O' Lantern was a pkt of candies!

Jack O' Lantern & me...

wrapped inside the other pkg was a bootiful pc of cloth of the famous Mt Fuji. Jiejie hasn't tot of how to use the cloth yet, perhaps u doggins & hamsterriers can give her some ideas?

Jiejie had left Jack O'Lantern with the candies inside the study room, so dat they're within reach when she's working on the lappie.

a closer look at the candies...

hmmm... i wonder if this feels the same as a kong... dun worry ume-tyan, i didn't kill Jack O'Lantern, it now sits safely on the table. a BIG thank you to u & your hooman for the wonderful gifts! ARIGATO!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Another way to cool down during the hot weather... ice-cream!!! oh man! i sure wish it's the real thing!

check out the chumping progress i had made on the ice-cream:


Latest Update: only the cone remains.... juz dun ask where did the ice-cream went. Thank You Reina! i loved the toy!!!
Persephone & Buster mentioned dat my ears have remarkable aerodynamic properties, n i juz mite fly off to Scotland n pay a visit to Marvin. u guys may be rite... my ears seem to have a mind of their own, n get a little unruly at times, or perhaps juz prone to static...