Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is...

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Countess Ume the Splendid of Walk upon Water
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

i saw this fun little game dat Balboa played, so tot i'll give it a try too! i think the title goes well with my blog header dat Sir Chancelot's mum had done for me.

oh! n i wanna thank my fellow Singaporean doggins, Scrabby the Sam Seng Gao and Sweety for giving this award to me. Very sweet of both of them to think of me, altho i haven't been blogging regularly. THANKS Scrabby & Sweety!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dog Run

Jiejie brought me to the Dog Run last Saturday morning. contrary to the purpose of the place, i didnt do much running. i was juz hanging out, cozying up with both doggins n hoomans.

erm... i think i was the oni girl doggin? can u spot me?

within minutes of being there, i got myself all sandy n leafy. (EC: Dried leaves stuck to her like magnet!) chilling out in the shade...

ok dude, dats a little too friendly!

my new friend, Oscar the Boxer! he's one cool dude...

gonna snuggle up to some hoomans next!

hello hooman pup! u wanna dance?

the hooman pup's daddy...

more chilling out in the shade, with a little roaching thrown in... notice dat i like to cozy up with the bigger doggins? i think they're strong n can pawtect me!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Gift From Japan!

Some of u had asked about the weather here in Singapaw, when i posted on how to cool down when it gets hot. i guess most of u whom live across the ocean r starting to experience the winter... but here in Singapaw, the weather is kinda freaky. we've been getting rain more often, but temperatures dun go below 23C° (or 75F°). but when it doesn't rain, it can be really hot. n it can be bright & sunny a minute, n raining the next. we dun experience winter in Singapaw, as with most Southeast Asian countries, it's summer all year, with June & July being the hottest months!

last sat, i sent Jiejie to the post office to pick-up the parcel sent by my Japanese friend, ume-tyan!
i got Jiejie to open the parcel for me, as it was wrapped securely with masking tape. Jiejie had to wrestle with the parcel a little... finally she got it opened. look what's in there!

there was a paw-written card by ume-tyan.

look at what's inside the Trick or Treat Box! it's a Jack O' Lantern. i think i can smell something in there... hmmm... will it be a trick or treat?

it's a treat! or rather lotsa treats!!! stuffed inside the Jack O' Lantern was a pkt of candies!

Jack O' Lantern & me...

wrapped inside the other pkg was a bootiful pc of cloth of the famous Mt Fuji. Jiejie hasn't tot of how to use the cloth yet, perhaps u doggins & hamsterriers can give her some ideas?

Jiejie had left Jack O'Lantern with the candies inside the study room, so dat they're within reach when she's working on the lappie.

a closer look at the candies...

hmmm... i wonder if this feels the same as a kong... dun worry ume-tyan, i didn't kill Jack O'Lantern, it now sits safely on the table. a BIG thank you to u & your hooman for the wonderful gifts! ARIGATO!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Another way to cool down during the hot weather... ice-cream!!! oh man! i sure wish it's the real thing!

check out the chumping progress i had made on the ice-cream:


Latest Update: only the cone remains.... juz dun ask where did the ice-cream went. Thank You Reina! i loved the toy!!!
Persephone & Buster mentioned dat my ears have remarkable aerodynamic properties, n i juz mite fly off to Scotland n pay a visit to Marvin. u guys may be rite... my ears seem to have a mind of their own, n get a little unruly at times, or perhaps juz prone to static...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HaPPee HaLLoWeen!!!

Thank you all for the kind regards. after a dosage of the medication for gastric, i had stopped puking, n have been eating more. guess my appetite is better now, tho i still think dat Jiejie needs to be more creative with my meals.

Another belated post to thank
Princess Snowball & Snoopy Girl for giving me the As Sweet As Candied Apple award. TQ TQ Snowball & Snoopy!!!
hmmm... do i get to eat a real candied apple? sure look yummy!!!

n i would like to give this award to the pwetty Chiyo, bootiful mama Maggie Rose, and Seadra & Zoe!

i'm sori i missed out on the Halloween Barkday Pawty... i'm sure every doggin & hamsterrier had a great time! i'll be checking your blogs for your cool halloween outfits! meanwhile, HAPPEE TRICK & TREATING!!!

here r a few pix Jiejie took of me with her new camera-phone...

Fluffy after a brush


A moment of Doofuism...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snoopy & Goofy Luv My Blog!

Altho i haven't been blogging regularly, but Snoopy & Goofy awarded this to me!!! THANK YOU my sweet frens, for thinking of me, n spreading your luv to me! I LUV YOUR BLOG TOO!!!

And now i wanna spread my luv to Pippa the Spanish Casanova, Ms Sunshade the Vancouver Superdale, and to Luckie Girl the Opawration Surgeon!
n i wanna announce a bit of a good news here! i was at the vet's for a skin review last nite. n the result from the skin scrape showed dat there's no more bad bad mites on me! WOOHOO!!! but my skin is still very dry, n we now need to work on removing the dandruff.
here's me looking happee on the vet's table! (EC: but not when the vet was there... she kept wanting to climb into my arms.) it oso shows how bad a photographer my Jiejie is! (EC: u fidget too much!)

i've been puking bits of my dindin n yellow bile recently... the vet said it may be gastric. i havent been eating much of my dindin lately, so it explains y i looked skinny in the pic below. Jiejie suspects i'm going on a teenage hunger strike, n i do think i deserve better food! Addiction wet food mashed with veggies n steamed fish every meal... not exactly exciting. I Need More Variety In My Life!!! will somedog or hamsterrier pls knock some sense into my lazy hooman?
Sparky, I'll work on your tag soon i promise! Jiejie is trying to collect more pix of me, n i'm working at not cooperating with her! till she feeds me better food!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Prezzies from the Four Pugz!!!

HELLO all doggins & hamsterriers!
sorry for the lack of blogging recently... the hooman needs her bum bum nipped. her excuses of being busy... blah blah blah... *roll eyes*

i know i should have posted about this a fortnight ago... but *sigh* my Jiejie took the pix, n deleted them without downloading! n hoomans claim to be highly-intellectual animals... so i had to pose with the prezzies again.

oops! out-of-focus...

check out the fat & thick rawhides... can u c the mini burger & hotdog stuffies? ain't they cute? ya, apparently my Jiejie thinks they're so cute, she's not giving them to me. hey hooman! they're my prezzies, remember??? Thank u
Pugleys, Buster, Cricket & Daisy for the lovely prezzies!

during my absence from blogging, i've been honing my opawration skills. i think i'm getting the hang of it, Luckie. she's the pawfect role model of an opawration surgeon! ahhh... i c dat Mr Cow was her latest patient.
the hooman had tried to help by patching the part where i was making snow (oh! snow tastes pwetty good actually!) Bella, this is my stuffie of the moment! it allows me to make snow...

it became from this

to this!

with a little game of play-tug thrown in!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tag #7

vroom vroom!!! i've been tagged by Pippa, the Spanish Casanova who had again updated us on his girlfrenssss. Pippa, i look out for every post dedicated to your list of girlfrenssss... perhaps one day i would make the list too! sometimes i think i look like a mini GSD, what do u think?

but i digress... i've been tagged to post about the car i would be if i'm one. i think i would have been a MINI Cooper S Cabrio, in Metallica Dark Silver, no less. it may be compact, but it packs a punch. a head-turner on the road, sporty, feisty n with a bout of cuteness!
Amber, Precious, Sparky and Sweety, tell us what car u would be!

Jiejie brought me to the beach last sunday, after like a century. (EC: it's only been a month.) it was hot & sunny... played chase & wrassled with a Schnauzer named Holly (Jiejie was busy watching us n forgot to take pix). whilst drying off in the shade, Jiejie spotted this long string of kites... Marvin, i hope this pic doesn't bother u too much.

a bunch of lady hoomans kayaking...

then this hooman pup came over to say hi...

i think he's in luv with me... but i only had eyes for his Dad... i even snucked in a kissie on his skinhead *giggles*

Monday, September 24, 2007

Prezzie from Snoopy & Tag # 6

hiya all doggins & hamsterriers!!! i noe i havent been blogging much lately... cos' Jiejie had been pwetty busy. we had tried to catch-up on everydog & hammie's blog as much as we can.

Snoopy's prezzie arrived last week! she sent me a pinkie dognut n 2 pinkie bows! i allowed Jiejie to put on the bow for me, so dat we could have pix to show Snoopy. i'm sori the pix r kinda dark, cos the flash was blinding me, so Jiejie switched off the flash.
A closer look at my top-knot... Thank You Snoopy for the sweet prezzies!

i'm a little behind for a couple of tags. Tag #5 came from the puppies of Maggie Rose! this bunch of cuties had started blogging thru their Mom's blog. u should hop over if u haven't n check out how fast they're growing! they had tagged me to give my hooman 5 silly nicknames. *rub paws* is this time for revenge or what? hiak hiak hiak... let me c... my Jiejie is a:

1) Black Box Hynoptim - she seems to lose her soul to the mystical black box (EC: TV) when she starts staring at it, until i rescue her by squeaking my DinoCuz by her ears.
2) Couch Blender - she melts into the couch when she becomes a Black Box Hynoptim.
3) EeeeeKer - she eeeeeks at every little thing dat freaks her out!
4) Rubber Thighs - nice fleshy thighs to rest my paw paws on when i chew my bones

5) Meanie - Self-explanatory

i now tag Boo Casanova, Fee aka Ms McPooooot and Toby to give 5 silly nicknames to their hoomans.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Prezzie from Amber & Tag #5

I received another prezzie!!! n it's from kawaii Amber!
keke... she got me a kawaii wabbit stuffie n a pkt of beef & cheese sticks. meanie Jiejie hasn't given the beef & cheese sticks to me, but i noe they will be yummy!

Look at the hand-made card by Amber! many licks back to u, too! *muaks*

Thank You Amber! u c my half-crazy eye as i attacked the wabbit's nose?

i was tagged by Puiq for the middle name game for my Tag #4! i wasn't given a middle name, but since Jiejie calls me Girlie more often than my actual name, i guess it can be my middle name!

1. Post the rules before you give the facts. (Listen up Pups, these are the Rules!!)

2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.

4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name.Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged.

so here it goes:

G - Gentle (EC: u gotta list a FACT, read Rule #2) but i am gentle! i am gentle with my toys, gentle with the furniture, gentle with your fingers n toes...

I - Incredibly cute! (EC: i'm not reading this anymore...)

R - Restless (i wanna play whenever i can!)

L - Lap dog (i wanna be on a hooman's lap whenever one is in reach)

I - Intelligent (all doggins & hamsterriers r intelligent blogging animals!)

E - Eligible Bachelorette (*hint hint*)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My BarkDay Prezzies!!!

YAY YAY YAY!!! I finally got to open my prezzies on my barkday! oh my! it sure was the funnest time i had, digging out toys n treats from pkgs n boxes. jellyfish Jiejie tried to steal some of my stuffies. n now it's time to thank my sweetest frens who mailed me prezzies, making my 1st barkday extra extra special! (Be warned! Photos-intensive post!)

i shall begin with the 1st pkg i received! n it's from Huskee Boy! he had received sooo many barkday prezzies dat the postman had gotten curious about him.

Huskee got me a Zanies stretchable stuffie with pink dognuts! i remembered dat Luckie has, i meant, had the same toy. she had opawrated on the stuffie n removed the dognuts! keke...
there's oso a star-shaped toy dats similar to a tennis ball, n a packet of biscuit bones.
Thank You Huskee!

here's a closer look...

n this candy stuffie is from Sweety, who's sweet like candy too! Thank You Sweety!

It's mine!

Coincidentally, Precious got me the same candy stuffie! i have 2 candy stuffies now! Precious oso sent me a packet of springy beef snacks, Burp! greenies, a veri pwetty collar with flowers n a pwetty note! the box looks empty? where's the collar u mite wonder...

i'm oredi wearing it! Precious, look! Jiejie had wanted to buy this collar for me, but changed her mind. she was pleasantly surprised to find this collar in Precious' pkg. Thank You Precious!

next up r prezzies from Boy & Baby! they sent me a blue DinoCuz n a pkt of chicken snacks. Thank You Boy & Baby!

Hi, Mr DinoCuz!

oopsie! u have weak paws, Mr DinoCuz?

Ting Ting Jiejie gave me an angpow, a Chinese traditional practice of giving cash as a gift. it's usually sealed in a red packet for good luck. er... it's not a toy or treats, i gonna look for my toys now... EC: but the angpow can buy u toys n treats... Reali?? Ohhh... Thank You Ting Ting Jiejie! Jiejie, when can we go shopping?

here's a pkg from Sparky! he sent me rope toy attached with a tennis ball (Sparky's favourite!), a rubber squeaky toy shaped like a newspaper dat says "Doggy News", n a pkt of Pup-peroni jerky snacks. Thank You, Sparky!

sweet Bella Buttons sent me these! see dat card with a cutie yorkie? there were oso 2 stuffies, a pkt of sausages made of beef, kangaroo & turkey, n a pkt of chicken snacks. Thank You Bella!

Lil' Miss Reina sent me a prezzie too! check out the cute card she sent! keke...

mi reading the card...

oohhh... ice-cream! but it's actually a rubber squeaky toy!

mmmm... look at those jellos! there's oso a pkt of milk cookies shaped in flowers. Thank You, Reina!

Balboa sent me an e-card! Thank You, Balboa!

i oso received an e-card from The Republic of G00berstan! Thank You, Stanley! i'm so g00berized!

Jiejie bot me prezzies too! hehehe... apart from the barkday dress, look what else she bot me.

r these all for me, Jiejie?

there's this HUGE stuffie soccer ball, a Zanies Lion with the funkiest hairdo (which sheds when i fling it around), a stuffie banananananana (the way Chiyo would call it. Chiyo is having dire rear, hope she's feeling better now.), an orange Bad Cuz (it's hiding behind the stuffie banananananana), n an organic cookie bone.

altho this bed was bot way in advanced, it was supposed to be part of my barkday prezzies from Jiejie.

is it comfy, Bean Bean?

Let me try...

Jiejie let me have the pick of the toys.


there's oso a pack of goodies, compliments of Pawtobello. ooohhh... biscuits n cookies... yum yum!