Friday, March 30, 2007


Last nite, after Jie was back from her dinner, she put me into the playpen set up beside the washing machine. then she put my bed into the playpen as well... hmmm... what was she trying to do?
i tot it was temporary while she cleaned up my pee on the floor *sheepish grinz*

then she proceeded to dismantle the cage with the Maid's help! huh???!!! hey! dats my sleeping area! what r u hoomans doing?
after she's done, she sat down beside the playpen n told me to "shi shi" on the newspapers she had placed inside the playpen, rite beside my bed. ok... "shi-shi" on the newspapers... i did dat. "can i come out of the playpen now, Jiejie?" she's still not letting me out, but went on to remove the soiled newspapers.

i watched her as she switched off the kitchen lights, n said "nite nite, go to sleep". huh?... sleep here? what abt the cage? Jie walked into her own room... duh... at least i've my bed with me. wat a weird feeling! sleeping in a new area... m i gonna be stuck in here? what do i do to get out? hmmm... maybe i should try to squeeze my way out when Jie opens the playpen to remove the newspapers i "shi-shi" on. yup! dats wat i'm gonna do tomorrow morning. *yawn* as for now, it's zzz time... nite nite!

Monday, March 26, 2007

What The Hell????!!!

C what my gd Jiejie did? she put me on the e-collar! %*F#@(!%^& (EC: It's reali for your own good... your scalp were sore n bloody from scratching)

HMMMP! so angwee with her! grrrrr.... i kept banging into the kitchen cabinets with the e-collar on...

Jie asked Uncle Marc, the inhouse groomer at the vet's, to put on the e-collar for me after my review. i put up a gd fight! oh yes, i did! a terrier nvr give up w/o a gd fight for her freedom. even Uncle Marc commented dat i'm a smart ger!

the vet said dat my fungal infection is healing, if not, my fur wldnt be growing. he even complimented dat i'm beautiful *girlish giggles* (EC: *Slapped forehead* piangz! he said dat to coax u into having the jab. pleeeeeese!)
grrrr... damned the needle!

but he kept saying dat my skin is dry... n i mite be having a mites problem. huh??? wats dat? can i eat them? he prescribed more medication for me, n to review in 20 days. n oso, Jie need not bathe me every other day, dats too much! no wonder my skin is so dry... n i'm running a slight fever too. c Jie, it's all your fault! i tried to tell u so by scrambling out of the tub whenever u put me in, but u nvr geddit! silly hooman!

gotta log-off now... need to try to get this silly-looking thingy off!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Adventure Around AMK Ave 6

Jiejie n Gorgor went out for lunch w/o me! hmmmp!
she came back at ard 4pm n sat down with me at the balcony n told me abt the little adventure she had in AMK.

She n Gor were on the way to the brand new AMK Hub for lunch n a spot of shopping. whilst making a U-turn at the junction of ave 6, there was a little commotion with the cars ahead. cars were slowing down n honking. hmmm? wassup? there was actuali a pomeranian running loose on the road! WHAT??? what was it doing on the road? where's the owner? it's so scary! i'm afraid of cars... they're big mean looking creatures. the pom gorgor muz hv been so frightened.

Jie was so worried abt the pom, dat she asked Gor to stop the car immed so dat she cld run after the pom to bring it to safety. the pom was running all around the junction... there were several heart-stopping moments when the pom gorgor were running within 1m in front of moving vehicles.

Jiejie being the lazy hooman she is, doesnt exercise. chasing after the pom is the oni run she had in many yrs. she had to huff & puff after the pom... till a family of kind souls offered Jie a lift to chase the pom. after a close to 20 mins run ard the junction n the nearby void decks, the pom gorgor finally slowed down at the bus-stop. he muz hv been tired... or maybe juz curious y a mad woman was chasing after him. he turned ard n sized Jie up. Jie was totally out of breath...
Jie saw her chance to grab the pom... she squatted down n opened her arms to the pom n pleaded with the pom to come to her. the pom took a few steps n hesitated... then a kind uncle helped to attract the pom's attention with a cup of treats. the pom finally walked to Jie, n Jie managed to scoop him up.

Jie found a tag on the pom's collar, n realised dat his name is Lucky. thankfully, Lucky gorgor's home address was oso engraved on the tag. he stays juz opp the bus-stop. Jie immed called his hooman to let them noe she had found him. she met his hooman at her blk lift lobby n passed Lucky gorgor back to her. Jie n Gor were relieved dat Lucky gorgor has a tag, so dat they easily found his owner n return him. Jie told me she would do one for me too, but not dat i would have any chance of running loose like dat.

Jie is still recuperating from her little adventure... chey! lousy hooman! dats for not exercising. BUT! i'm reali proud of my Jie... she made the effort to make sure Lucky gorgor was out of danger from the big mean creatures, n returned him to his hooman. but hor... seems like the hooman has a habit of letting Lucky gorgor run loose on his own. cos when Jie called his hooman, the hooman sounded surprised dat Lucky gorgor was missing n out running alone on the roads. Jie said dats v irresponsible of the hooman. regardless of how well-trained Lucky gorgor is, he shouldnt be left to run loose on his own. m'er, their house is just by the main roads. what if this incident happens again? will there be another kind soul to bring Lucky gorgor back to his hooman? tee gong po pi po pi Lucky gorgor...

did i hear smthg? the recuperating hooman said smthg abt gai-gai? woohoo! where's my leash? where's my leash? yippee! Jie said wanna bring me for a walk at punggol park, while Gor jogs. alas! God had answered my prayers. gotta psycho Jie to bring along her digicam, n take some pix of me! my 1st trip to punggol park!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Identity Crisis

m i really a yorkie? the pet shop said so...

but Jiejie is doubtful... she thinks i look every bit like a silky. after browsing Silky N' Frenz forum, she's all the more convinced dat i'm a silky.

the groomer at the vet's exclaimed when he saw me, "oh! a silky!" *roll eyes* (n why was i at the vet's, i'll elaborate shortly)

duhhhh... does it matter? yorkie or silky, i'm sure she luvs me all the same.

oh yes! the vet story...

when Jiejie bought me, she noticed dat i was shedding n flaking. the seller said it's just dry skin, would be healed with medicated shampoo. but Jiejie noticed bumps all over my body, n some of them looked like pimples with pus. so off to the vet i go!

i was diagnosed with chronic fungal infection, n suspected scabies. the vet warned dat my condition may be hereditary, n gave me a course of medication n to return for review in 4 weeks (which is this weekend) .

Jiejie asked the inhouse groomer to shave me totally, so dat the bumps would heal faster. when the groomer showed her the bumps on my back, Jiejie was so sad dat she cried at the clinic. Jiejie, don't be sad... despite the nasty bumps, i'm still as hyper n adorable. i would be a good ger n take my medicine. here's how i look when i was shaved. no more out-of-place face hair...


4 weeks later:

The Day I Learnt To Dlog

i researched everyday... learnt how it's done...
Jiejie showed me the dog blogs of other gorgors n jiejies, n allowed me to learn typing on her lappie. i'm a right-pawder... *ump* most definitely!

Let me intro myself...
Jiejie (aka EC) was scouting for a yorkie in Feb when Gorgor agreed to having a pup in the house. why a yorkie? she had wanted a furkid which would look just like her 1st doggie, Tutu... Jiejie said she was a dachshund x terrier (wonder what she looked like?) . Jie said a terrier face with a dachshund body. *huh?* i'm a terrier... but erm... the body? ok, Jie agreed to dig out photos of Tutu n show me. perhaps, i can post here too.

so Jie decided dat a yorkie bears the closest resemblance to Tutu jiejie. she went to pet safari @ vivo city n east point, n several pet farms along pasir ris farmway; she also prodded thru the adoption threads in doggie forums, but failed to find The One! n on Feb 11th, Jiejie flipped the Sunday Classifieds n spotted a tiny advert on a 5 mth old blue/tan female yorkie for sale. she got excited n called the advertiser immediately, n arranged to view the yorkie pup on the same day. n dat was the day i went home with Jiejie...

i wasnt exactly on my best behaviour when she saw me. i was totally hyper, tugging on my leash, picking n chewing leaves n twigs whenever i could. so i was mystified as to why Jiejie wanted me... (EC: she looks exactly like Tutu, k... 90% resemblance with face hair sticking out all over the place. in short - messy!) no, dats my style! i think i'm cute!