Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahhhh... Belly Rubs!!!

Need I say more? The pure joy of belly rubs...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Foreign Invader!!!

My territory had been invaded! It lurked in the mystical black box! Ready to attack, seemingly. i need to pawtect my home n my hoomans! GO AWAY!!! it didn't show any sign of retreat... i need backup! SOS to all Doggins & Hamsterriers!!!

EC: in case u haven't guessed already, the silly girl's "UFO" was actually the "idle mode" when the DVD player had been paused, n the DVD logo was flashing on the screen.

btw, i noe all of u r as curious as i am, as to what Huskee had sent me, but my meanie Jiejie kept the package in the cabinet, where my short legs can't reach. *sigh* 5 more days...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Got A Package! I Got A Package!

Jiejie showed it to me this morning! n it's from today's Barkday Boy, Huskee!
TQ TQ TQ, Huskee!!!

n of cos HAPPEE BARKDAY to u, Harley Dude!!!

see see see! my package from Huskee!
huh? what do u mean i can't open it now??? i gotta wait for my barkday?

can i like take a peep? still No? BUMMER!!! (u see Huskee, Jiejie is a meanie!!!)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

U Can See My Eyes Now!!!

Yup! i juz came back from the groomer's. Jiejie asked Constance Jiejie to snip the hair around my eyes. n viola! u can c my eyes clearly now! i was given a manicure too!

i was given a pink bandana after my lst grooming session. but this time, Constance Jiejie put on a red ribbon for me. it isnt veri clear in the pic, cos i messed it up after a few attempts to scratch it off.

u r blinding me with the flash, Jiejie!

i like my new look! i can c better now when i do my zoomies!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Simba's James Bond 007 Pawty!

Simba is having a house-warming pawty at his little house at the end of his Mummy's and Fat fat Daddy's Garden. he had invited all DWB frens, n the theme of the pawty is James Bond 007! Isn't it exciting??? n Simba oredi has the martinis ready!

Jiejie helped me to pick out this cheongsam top, she said i can go as the Asian Bond Girl! b4 i leave for Simba's pawty, she had to make me pose for pix. alrighty, make it fast, Jiejie. Simba is waiting for us!

How do i look from the right?

From left?

r u giving me dat treat or not??? i promise i'll smile for u!

dainty smiles from the Asian Bond Girl!

ok Jiejie, dats quite enough! i'm off to Simba's pawty now! dun wait up for me!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How Google Found Me?

With tips from Sophie Brador Who Rules The World, i had started to monitor the google searches dat led to my blog. Sophie has been jailed for 2 weeks now, n will be back home on Aug 15th. Sophie, we need u back!
back to google searches... the googled:
1) dogs eating plums problems
honestly, i've no idea if we doggins can eat plums, or the potential problems which may arise after eating, but i can tell u dat one will be in deep poop if he/she tries to eat me!
2) she pee her pant
hmmm... i'm pleased to inform dat i pee hourly, n pants every other second. i'm happee to noe i was of service to dat googler.
if u would like to monitor the traffic to your blog, u can register with ShinyStat n place the tracker in your blog.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Google Found Lorenza

Jiejie was thinking of getting her fren matching mummy & daughter outfits n did some googling. look what came up! yup! Lorenza's blog! keke... Jiejie was so excited dat she asked me to post about it. u can read Lorenza's actual post here. Lorenza's grandma is a very talented hooman, n she makes all of Lorenza's pwetty dresses!

Friday, August 10, 2007

HaPPee BurpDay, Singapore!!!

Yesterday, 9th of Aug, was Singapore's 42nd birthday!

there would be an annual parade, known as the National Day Parade, to celebrate our nation's birthday. this year's parade was different from previous years, cos this was the 1st attempt to hold the parade by the Marina Bay, rite on the waters! a floating platform was built over the water, which is capable of holding thousand-strong military contingents n performers. apart from the performances on the stage, there were oso displays by our Navy by the waterfront.

as there were very limited tickets to the parade which were given out by public balloting, those who did not manage to get tickets could go to the areas in the proximity of the Marina Bay to catch the parade live. n my Jiejie & Gorgor were one of those! silly hoomans!

the parade started at 6pm, but my silly hoomans reached the Merlion Park (opp. the stage) at 2pm juz to "chope" good seats to watch the parade. if u think that's crazy, there were oredi a lot of other hoomans there "choping" seats! the hoomans would bring along their mats, picnic baskets, umbrellas, fans n anything dat would help to make their few hours wait more comfy.

this is our iconic Merlion.

the crowd was packing the place at 2+ in the afternoon. by 5pm, the place was packed to the brim. every inch imaginable, it would be occupied by a hooman butt. even the bridge overlooking the Bay was packed fully.

little Singapore flags n caps were given out as freebies at the Merlion Park. many were amused with the creativity of this hooman.

i'm sori u won't get to c pix of the parade nor the fireworks. Jiejie was too lazy to move her butt as the hours wore on... n she was busy waving her flag whenever she could...

HaPPee BurpDay, Singapore!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

National Dog Walk 2007

i had lotsa fun at the National Dog Walk!!! there were so many doggies! it's overwhelming! all sizes & breeds! it was fun fun fun!

the walkie began...

i met this boy silky terrier... his name is Lucky. let's juz say it was tangle at 1st sight! keke... we hit it off so well dat it took our hoomans a good 5-10 mins to untangle our leashes. thereafter, we had to walk apart to stay tangle-free. he's cute huh?

i kept walking on the grass instead of the foot path. guess i dun conform...

then i started rolling n rubbing on the grass, which i dun usu do. my hoomans din manage to catch me in action tho... my Jiejie picked me up n checked my under-belly. there were lotsa twigs stuck to my body, which was causing the itch. thank doG it wasnt ants!

time to squench my thirst...

yeah! i made it!!! i had to spoil the shot, of cos!

queueing to redeem our goodies bag...

*ahem* it's not like what u think... i erm... ah... tot i saw a bug, i had to make sure! yup, dats it!

while the crowd was wow-ed by the frisbee performances by 2 border collies, i was chomping away on my din din. Jiejie bot me lamb meatballs n meatloaf from US Doggie Bakery. u can c the meatloaf below, but the meatballs were oredi in my tum tum. keke...

what goodies r there in the goodies bag? let me check it out!

there were packs of kibbles, cookies, wet dog food, n a pets magazine.

Jiejie made me posed with the loot. she said the $10 registration fee was worth every cent! the freebies would be enough to last me for a while...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

HaPPee 11 Months Old To ME!!!

I turned 11 mths old today!!! the countdown begins...
today is oso Ume-san's burpday! she is a sweet sweet lady hooman, oways sharing with us the bootiful sceneries in her hometown, walkies with ume-tyan, pwetty flowers n of cos, yummy yummy food! she oways caused me (n Jiejie) to drool over the keyboard. keke... n she never fails to comment in my blog!
so i wanna thank Ume-san n ume-tyan for being our frens... n again, we wish u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY n may happiness n good health be with u oways!

everytime i turned a mth older, Jiejie will give me a present. this mth, she had registered me for the National Dog Walk 2007! it's taking place this sunday, on aug 5th. it's my 1st time participating in a mass dog walkie! i'm so excited!!! i'll get to meet lotsa other doggies!!! TQ TQ Jiejie!!! i'm so looking forward to sunday!
Jiejie said there will be a carnival, with lotsa doggie stuff to shop for, n US Doggie Bakery will oso be having a booth! mmmm... more yummy cookies! the walkie will end with a screening of "The Shaggy Dog" starring Tim Allen, rite in the park! it juz sounds all too exciting! i'm not sure i can sleep tonite... is it sunday yet?

any other DWB frens in Singapore oso going to the NDW? pls raise your paw!!!