Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Pix - Post Shower

Jie likes to put me on top of the shoe cabinet to groom me after bath, knowing dat i'll nvr attempt to jump down n risk breaking my back. n she realised dat it's the only place where i can keep still... rmb she said dat i've a sharp butt? n she took the opportunity to take many many pix of me with her camera-phone. (EC: not just a camera-phone, it's a Sony Ericsson K800i Cybershot phone) like i care!

here r the pix:

Looking to the left...

Looking to the right...

Looking right into the camera! Jie luvs this shot!

Eh Gor, what u doing?

Looking doofus after a while...

In deep thots... thinking of the chewy bone

Is this ladylike or what?

Dozing off...

Jie, r u done?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Another 1st over the last weekend!
Jie and Gor brought moi to Bishan Park Dog Run last Sat evening!
we were there at around 6pm, n stayed for abt an hour. as it was my virgin trip, Jie dared not let me off the leash. (EC: she's over-hyper, so i wanted to socialise her slowly)

it rained in the afternoon, so it was a little wet n muddy in the dog run. n perhaps so, there weren't many other dogs there. i could count with juz my 2 front paws...1 beagle n 1 shihtzu came running over... i wanted to play with them, but as i was much smaller, i ended up rubbing on the mud instead. Jie picked me up to untangle me from the leash. both the beagle n ST were so excited, they kept jumping up to reach for moi. the beagle could jump so high! i can jump high high too! i can almost reach the tabletop of the kitchen cabinet!the moment Jie put me down, both of them fought to come near me! as the beagle was bigger in size, he easily nudged the ST out of the way. the ST refused to take it down, n proceeded to hump the beagle! kekekeke.... but the beagle was too engrossed playing with me, n didnt give a damn to the ST. both Jie n Gor were bz laughing at the ST, n Gor forgot to whip out the camera n capture these comical moments.

gradually, the other dogs left, n Jie allowed me to go off-leash.but soon... other dogs started arriving, n they were all bigger in size! even the maltese was bigger than moi! Jie immed leashed me again... :( (EC: i wasnt afraid dat the bigger dogs would attack her, but she's simply too hyper being a very young dog, she needs to learn her manners 1st)

dunno was it cos of the run on sat, i was dogged tired (no pun intended!) on sun. i wasn't as active as i usu am, Jie said i've a sharp butt, tho' i dunno y she said dat cos i'm pawty sure dat it's round. (EC: sharp cos u can nvr sit still)

here's evidence of my lazy Sunday afternoon...

Curled up like a bunny...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Beach

My 1st trip to the beach!!!
Jie told me it's the Tanjong Beach at Sentosa. she said it's where most of the doggies hang out.
much as i like the sun n the sand (lotsa digging to do, n i poo-ed for the 1st time on the sand! ), moi doesnt like the water!
but meanie Jiejie grabbed me n put me into the water again n again! she wanted me to learn how to swim. the moment she released me into the water, i would peddle back to shore with all my terrier might. but b4 i could escape from Jie's evil clutches, she grabbed me back into the water. BAD BAD Jiejie!!!

Chilling by the deck chairs... Hmmm... where's the big black Lab i saw just now?
(EC: She was totally unafraid of the bigger dogs. she chased after the black lab, whereas i was worried dat the black lab would trample on her accidentally.)

Now for a spot of digging...


Horrors of horrors!!! Gor! Pls help me! I Dun Wanna Swim!!!

*Peddle Peddle Peddle* Let go of me!!!

Tried to escape... but Jie got me again!

Revenge time! in return for Jie's meaniness, i took over her towel! altho she brot along my ultraman towel, i refused to use it. i like Jie's pinkie towel with lotsa flowers n butterfiles.
Jie said i looked like The Dog in this pic. (EC: Dua tau suay sin ku [meaning big head + small body in hokkien])

Slowly, I lied down...

Then I closed my eyes n ZZZ...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jiejie Must Be In A Good Weekend Mood!

Jiejie reali pampered me over the weekend. She gave me something new for my breakfast n dinner.
it says "Merrick" on the can, n it was so yummy! chunks n chunks of meat. *drools*
but Jie said it's expensive... 1 can of Merrick can get me 3 cans of cesar. so she would only give me Merrick during weekends. n she would let me try different flavours over the coming weeks.

i had French Country Cafe this time

Jie read from the local doggie forums dat taking supplements like salmon oil n flax seed oil on alternate days would help to improve my skin.
but she said moi smells fishy (is it? y i dun smell it?) after dat, so she wipes me with wet tissue after each meal with the salmon oil.

wuahaha... Jie oso gave me this on Sat! i conquered it within 30mins!
yummy yummy milk stick!
i noe she has more of these in the kitchen cabinet.
i shall try to hynotise the Maid, n try to get her to do my biddings. n dat is to get me the rest of the milk sticks!
Moi chewing on the milk stick... n dats Jie's fat teighs! kekekeke...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yummy Yummy Rawhides!

Rawhide 1

Check out my molars!!! The molars i bite JieJie with! *evil grin*

Rawhide 2

Lick Lick!

Does this look like the "sai" snack from Bangkok?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

More "Before" Pix

While Jie was browsing the pix taken at Tavistock Park, she oso found these she had taken b4 i was shaved down, which she had totally forgotten.
Jie said i looked so puppyish then, my facial hair was darker. hmmm... wonder would i still look the same when my fur grows back? how nong would it take?

Top-down view

Left profile

Right profile

My long tongue

Bear-bear with demonic eyes

Tavistock Ave Playground Park

I went to another park today!

it's also near to our home... it's oso the 1st time Gor n Jie went to the park, so it took Gor a while to find the place.

it's not as big as punggol park, just a quiet park with a playground.

Gor complained of no parking space... hmmm... does it mean we wun be going there again?

this time Jie remembered to bring along her digicam. here r the pix:


Take a break! Er... where's the kit-kat?

Jie-jie holding me

Gor, u taking pic of my gremlin's ears?

Ok... can I get down now?