Friday, July 27, 2007


if u had noticed my new blog header, it's a creation from Sir Chancelot's Mom. she had created many bootiful pictures with graphics & photos, n oso photos of many DWB frens. Jiejie n i luv luv luv the one she had done for me! the colours r so pwetty! TQ TQ Chance's Mom!

Chance's Mom started an online pressie store, Cafe Press, do check out the store! it's really cool! u can oso click the banner on the left, or here to c more works she had done for other DWB frens.

n next up is Tag # 4! sori Precious, it took this long... u noe whom to blame! *glares at Jiejie*

i had been tagged to list 5 of my favourite books. erm... i havent done much reading (eating & playing r more impt tasks) in my whole life, so i'll list one n let Jiejie talk about hers.

Here's mine! i like to read abt Spot, so named cos of the spots on his back. i like Spot, cos he's oways cheery, n oways in some kind of adventure n having lotsa fun! i wanna be like him!

n here r Jiejie's choices... i oni agree with this one:

Jiejie read this book when she was still a kid. the story of the most famous collie, Lassie. Jiejie said it made her cry... especially when Lassie reunited with her boy at long last. *sob*

erm... Jiejie, u aren't veri gd at counting, r u? those look like godzillions number of books! juz 3, 3 more to make 5!!! geez!!! (EC: can i go with my favourite authors instead of books, smarta**?) mind your language, missy, or watch your bum! tsk tsk tsk...

Jiejie's is a sucker, i mean, has a passion for detective stories n thrillers. Patricia Cornwell is her all-time favourite, with a spectacular series on a chief medical examiner, Kay Scarpetta.

currently, she's into the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, n has her nose buried deep into [The Concrete Blonde].

nope! no Hairy Potty sighted!

Seadra & Zoe, Simba, Marvin, Benny n Chiyo, pls share 5 of your favouritest books with us!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tag # 3

hiya every doggie & GG! it's been almost a week since i last blogged. guess who has been slacking?

time to get down to business... Tag # 3 came from handsome
Pippa with the most amazing eyes. i'm supposed to list 5 items dat i would like to put into a time capsule, so dat future doggies/hamsterriers can learn more about me or doggies of our time. from what i read, the time capsule seems to have unlimited capacity, Pippa put in a Landy!!!

here r my choices:

1) as some of u may remember, these are ume fruits! technically, i'm named after a fruit, a plum to be exact. think of me when u eat one... but then again, can we doggies eat plums?

n Jiejie wanted to introduce this to your hoomans, esp your hooman Moms. it's one of her favouritest drinks, n it's made from ME, erm... i meant ume fruits. Choya, a Japanese brand of plum wine, is a popular drink in Asia. there's even royal jelly in this particular flavour, which has many beneficial properties. Jiejie likes to mix it with green tea, she said it's a lady's drink. Jiejie, i'm a lady, can i have some?

2) who is this pathetic-looking creature, u may wonder? the 2nd item is a pic of yours truly... shaved down after i was diagnosed with fungal infection. there were like 238, 389 red bumps on my body. altho the red bumps r gone, my skin is still dry n scaly. the bulk of my young life was spent healing my skin problems, n it's probably gonna take some time.

3) this is a fundamental (woah! i'm using a big word!) tool in my potty training! i adopted Jiejie when i was 5 mths old, so potty training started late. from crate, to papers, to my pee mat now, let's juz say it wasn't a joy ride, for my Jiejie, at least. Jiejie read from a local dog forum dat instead of using disinfectant to get rid of the scent of my pee/poop, vinegar is effective with no harmful chemicals (as we doggies have the tendencies to lick the floor), n definitely the cheaper alternative.

4) My Cuz - i luv my Cuz, i can Cuz all day & nite! n i noe lotsa doggies out there r crazy over Cuz toys. Jiejie, if i put in my Cuz, does dat mean i get a new Cuz? (EC: er... ???)

5) Last but not least, i wanna let doggies/hamsterriers of the future noe dat there's a veri cool group of bloggers from all parts of the world sharing their everyday lives n having lotsa fun. u noe who they are... n it's this same cool group dat inspired Jiejie to start a blog for me. so i thank u all for your friendship, n bringing us all the fun, laughter n warmth!

pwetty Precious n suave Ben Ben gave this award to me! i'm so happee dat i wanna rock around the house! TQ TQ Precious!!! TQ TQ Ben Ben!!! smoochies to both of u! *muak muak muak*

n i wanna give this award to Tofu Burger, Scruffy, Huge Happy Hairy Harry, Ronin, n Pugleys, Buster & Cricket (n soon Daisy)!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


after reading Scruffy's post on the yummylicious cookies his Mummy bot from US Doggie Bakery, Jiejie decided to get me some too! but not b4 i nipped her in her bum bum to remind her, smtimes, hoomans juz need a few gentle reminders! hiak hiak!

ain't the cookies droolsome?

hmmm... it's a little hard...

Just a bit more...
Can't a dog eat her cookie in peace???
Gotta be sure dat no crumb was spared! nope, nothing on the left, now the right...

oh Pippa! i haven't forgotten the time capsule tag, i'm working on it! rite after i finish the cookies!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lew Lian Lew Lian!!!

i had been reading about Precious, Boo & Huskee feasting on lew lians, n it sounded oh so yummy! i juz had to get my paws on some! i pleaded relentlessly, n my efforts paid off! Jiejie bot a few boxes of back, i could smell them from miles away! can u smell them thru your screens???

what can i say? lew lians r finger lickin' good!!!
but Jiejie said i can't have too much, in case i "lao sai". but Jiejie, u had the whole box to yourself! won't u whats dat? "lao sai" too? (EC: erm... it's ok for me to "lao sai", but if u "lao sai" then it will be very troublesome.) *roll eyes* whatever!!! excuses excuses excuses!!!

btw, Cody the Mr Fussy Pot Pants, tagged me to share an embarrassing encounter.
erm... i can't think of anything dats reali embarrassing, except back in June after my vet review, my Jiejie took me to a nearby pet shop to stock up on my food. the shop owner was reali friendly n played with me while Jiejie shopped. n me, being the ultra-friendly dog, was totally overwhelmed with the attention. n the inevitable happened... i pee-ed out of sheer excitement! not once, not twice, but thrice!!! well, i'm a VERY hapPEE dog! actuali, i think Jiejie was more embarrassed than i was, she ran out of paper towels by the second leak! keke...

i now tag Ben Ben, Charlie n Persephone & Buster to tell us their embarrassing tales!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thank U Lorenza!!!

Thank U Lorenza!!!
For nominating me as one of the Rockin' Girl Bloggers!!! WOOHOO!!!

i had oredi posted the award which was started by this hooman, Roberta Ferguson, on my blog, as u can c on the left.
Basically, if you know a girl, who is totally awesome, and has a blog... then you give her the award. You are supposed to pass it onto 7 rockin' chicks, then they pass it on, and so forth.

now it's my honour to nominate more Rockin' Girl Bloggers!

Bella, Chilli, Chiyo, Coco, Fee, Maggie Rose, Precious n Princess Snowball! wait a min! r there 8 names here? oh doggone it! 7 is too few, all of u gals ROCK!!!

n Jiejie tot i shld hv a new hairstyle befitting of my new Rockin' Girl Blogger status. she got me all styled up like this!

do i look like i'm happy with her work?

ok, i was kidding! Jiejie actuali applied olive oil (the one used in the kitchen) all over my body. we went back to the vet on Tue evening for a review, n the nice lady vet advised Jiejie dat olive oil is gd for my dry flaky skin, which was caused by the infection n nasty mites mites.
oh! i've gd news too! the vet did another skin scrape for me, n found dat some of the nasty mite mites r dead, n my yeast infection had visibly reduced! this is improvement for me, which means i'm reacting well to the medication.
but i lost a little weight, i'm now 3.6kg as compared to the last taking of 3.9kg. but Jiejie was happy to hear the gd news about my skin. i'm happy to learn abt the weight loss, it means she will need to fatten me up, no? do i hear ice-cream???

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I had been tagged by Chilli to flash my canine pearlies n show my widest grins!
i dug thru my pix n i realised i looked grumpy in most of them. *grrrr*

to fulfill the tag, Jiejie started tailing me with dat flash flash thingy like a pupparazzi.

y r u tailing my butt, Jiejie?

u need pix for the tag?

what? i'll get treats if i cooperate?

alrighty!!! *GRINZ* gimme the bow wow treats NOW!!!

n i'll leave u with my "mini dracula" shot again...

oopsie!!! in my haste to post, i forgot to tag fellow DWB frens.
okie guyz, Cody the Fussy Pot Pants, Earnest, Pugleys, Buster & Cricket, T-Man and Tippy, you're IT!!! Smile for us!!!

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."
Quoted by William Arthur Ward

Saturday, July 7, 2007

About My Name...

Princess, Tank & Issac: The Newfs of Hazard left me a comment, asking about my name.

hmmm... think i'll take this opportunity to blog about my name. as most of u may oredi noe, another DWB fren has the same name too! n dats ume-tyan!
this is my favourite pic of ume-tyan! happiness shown with the biggest smile!

i googled n this was what i found out...
Ume is also the name of a town in Ōita Prefecture, Japan

Prunus mume is a species of
Asian plum in the family Rosaceae.
It is called ume (kanji: ; hiragana: ) in Japanese, méi () or méizi () in Chinese,[1] maesil (hangul: 매실; hanja: ) in Korean, and mai in Vietnamese.

The tree originates from China, but it has also been grown in Japan and Korea since ancient times. The tree is cultivated for its fruit and flowers. Although normally called a plum, it is actually more closely related to the apricot.

aren't the flowers pwetty?

Ume fruits
as for how my name came abt? of cos my Jiejie din noe enough Japanese to name me Ume, not to mention what it meant. silly hooman!
i was bot from a family staying in Hume Park in Singapore back in Feb this year. while over dinner, Jiejie was cracking her blains, blainstorming on what to name me. she tot of words relevant to the date i adopted her, n oso Hume Park. then she tot of Yumi, oso a Japanese name. dats when a bulb lighted up in Gorgor's head! he suggested Ume instead of Yumi, both sound the same, but Ume was derived from the word Hume. n if u break it down, it oso means u and me! so Jiejie tot it's veri meaningful. n there! i've a name!
u noe wat? i think i'll start a new tag! i'll tag all DWB frens to tell us more abt your name, n the significance!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

At 10 Months Old...

here's me at 10 months old... (2 more mths to my 1st barkday!!!) i'm a big girl now!

my Jiejie bot me a new toy to mark the occasion! do u notice the doggie model at the top rite-hand corner? i tot it looks a little like cutie-pie Coco!

here's a closer look... nahhhhh.... cutie-pie Coco is much much cuter!

look out for the Evil Hand whom tried to steal my new toy! but the Houganger Terrier would protect her possessions!

this is for Casanova Boo!
erm... Jiejie tried her hardest to decide if my legs measured 16 or 17cm. well, i say 16.5cm!

and this is for Luckie & Reina...
the measurement was taken from the start of my shoulders to juz b4 my stubby tail.
a clear 32cm!